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Temi Ibirogba is the Program and Research Associate for the Africa Program at the Center for International Policy. Ms. Ibirogba holds a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in the Theory and History of International Relations. Before attending LSE, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Politics on an International Relations track from Newcastle University.  


Temi holds a senior editorial role at The Republic, a journal of Nigerian and African affairs. The Republic uses creative mediums to discuss the most pressing political, economic and social issues on the continent. She has also worked at InterAction, an international development organization focused on global change through public policy with a large focus on geopolitical and security issues, as well as the Firoz Lalji Research Centre for Africa at LSE.

Recent Publications

Situation Tracker: Nigeria: Boko Haram

Africa Program


Boko Haram (BH), also known as Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati wal-jihad advocates for a version of islam which makes it forbidden for Muslims to partake in activities associated with the West, an effort to create and non-western state and rule by Sharia law. It has conducted attacks on religious and political groups, civilians, and police in Northern Nigeria.

Issue Brief: What Does Coronavirus Mean for Africa's Economy?

Africa Program


COVID-19 is the most severe international crisis the world has faced in
decades. The pandemic has been slow to reach African nations but the
World Health Organization warns that it could result in over 10 million
severe cases in the next six months and 300,000 deaths.

Latest News

Algeria’s Indefinite Pause

by Temi Ibirogba


Africa Program

For more than a year, millions of Algerian protesters have relentlessly taken to the streets to demand the erasure of the country’s corrupt deep state. Now, after months of protests, arrests and a hopeful belief in their end goal, the novel coronavirus has brought their activity to a screeching halt.

Pentagon's Own Map of U.S. Bases in Africa Contradicts Its Claim of “Light” Footprint

William Hartung and Temi Ibirogba quoted


Arms & Security Program and Africa Program

“The U.S. military should be considering alternative approaches like better coordination with African regional and continental organizations and encouraging African governments to consider negotiations in certain cases."

Temi Ibirogba delves into the implications of the Trump Administration's new travel ban

Temi Ibirogba interviewed


Africa Program

Temi talks CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke with about the implications of the Trump Administration's latest travel ban.

Local Nigerian Community Reacts To President’s Recent Travel Ban

Temi Ibirogba interviewed


Africa Program

The Trump administration added six additional countries to its widely controversial travel ban. Among the countries included is Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. This executive order won’t take effect until February 22 but many within the Nigerian community are worried. Nigeria’s top diplomat was “somewhat blindsided” by the ban. While he works with American officials to lift visa restrictions, many wonder what the fallout of these restrictions will be. To learn more about the travel ban, check out this briefing created by our Africa Program: https://infogram.com/1t07gpvmq82w9qb8ee4o934ld9t3v961zm1

The Heat: International Investments in Africa

Temi Ibirogba interviewed


Africa Program

Temi discusses international investments in Africa from world powers such as China, Russia and the United States. She also highlights the current issues the continent is facing after an eventful 2019 and what these developments could potentially mean for investments.

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