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Help CIP reach new heights by joining Summit, our coalition of individuals advocating for meaningful change in U.S. foreign policy.

Become a Summit Ambassador by making a recurring contribution and multiply your impact on our mission to make a peaceful, just and sustainable world the central pursuit of U.S. foreign policy.

Supporting us is simple through our new donor portal which gives you the ability to create and edit your recurring donations.

become a summit ambassador



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Your generous monthly contribution will help CIP increase and improve our efforts to research, educate, and advocate for U.S. foreign policy reform. Your support allows us to continue bringing diverse voices to bear on key foreign policy decisions.

The outputs we produce with the support of our donors allow us to shape and shift discourse surrounding international relations. Our work is frequently cited in the media and our research has served as a catalyst for legislative reform. 

As a Summit Ambassador, you will support these efforts.


As a Summit Ambassador, you will receive regular updates about current CIP projects and initiatives, and you'll get early access to our newsletters and impact reports. 

You will also ​be invited to join virtual conversations with members of CIP and fellow Summit Ambassadors to discuss CIP’s work within the context of current domestic and international events.


We hope the Summit program will allow us to create a community of thoughtful, engaged individuals who can come together to advocate for US foreign policy reform. We encourage our Summit Ambassadors to connect, ask questions, and get involved.


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