Security Assistance Monitor tracks and analyze U.S. security and defense assistance programs worldwide. By informing policymakers, media, scholars, NGOs and the public (in the United States and abroad) about trends and issues related to U.S. foreign security assistance, we seek to enhance transparency and promote greater oversight of U.S. military and police aid, arms sales and training.

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Politico Morning Defense: Far From Ideal


“The Center for International Policy is out with a special report on the military’s response to the coronavirus that warns against relying too heavily on the armed forces while also making a new appeal for reassessing national security priorities.

“While the Pentagon may have some relevant resources to add to the fight against COVID-19, it is not a public health agency, and is far from the ideal tool for addressing the current crisis,” said the nonprofit research center. “What is needed in the long-term is a sustained and growing investment in public health resources, from research and public outreach funding for key agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, to a large uptick in funding for national, state, and local health agencies.”

Security Assistance Monitor quoted

Security Assistance Monitor

Militarization of the Middle East began long before the US invasion of Iraq


Drawing out the trends and patterns that have defined U.S. Middle East strategy over the past two decades is essential to understanding why American engagement with the region has proved so dissatisfying.

by Elias Yousif

Security Assistance Monitor

What it cost to kill Soleimani


For those who hoped 2020 would offer an opportunity to set a gentler course in U.S. foreign policy, it took just three days for President Trump to shatter those aspirations. The targeted killing of Iranian Quds Force commander Qassim Soleimani on January 3 injected global panic into the New Year, with actors on all sides scrambling to avert the prospect of a full-scale war.

by Elias Yousif

Security Assistance Monitor

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