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Wrapping up May with CIP

Lobbying for War, Pentagon Budget Overspending, US Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and more from CIP this week.


How to Lobby Washington to Death

Foreign Influence Transparency Initiative interns Mashal Hashem and James Allen write, "At a moment filled with harrowing reports of death, starvation, and devastation in Yemen, ADI’s lobbyists spent their days aggressively advancing the interests of their Emirati and defense contractor clients."


Think You Know How Much the Pentagon Spends? Think Again...

CIP Arms & Security Project Director William Hartung and co-author Mandy Smithberger outline how the US Defense Budget is even bigger than the hundreds of billions of dollars approved by Congress every year:


A Fact Sheet from Security Assistance Monitor: US Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

Click the image below to download the full PDF file.

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