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In Search of a Post-Trump Foreign Policy

A report by guest contributor Francis Kornegay


While assaulting America’s democratic institutions, by the end of 2018, President Donald J. Trump accomplished what no post-war US President had ever achieved: totally ripping to shreds the foreign policy establishment’s national security strategy playbook – except, he was taking America and the world

backward into the yesteryears of the 19th century in the build-up to World War I; which means there is a tough road ahead in putting together a new foreign policy-national security playbook for the remainder of the 21st century in an ecologically challenged, overpopulated and hyper-connected world of humanity: 7 going on 9 billion! On top of that, this playbook has to address America’s urgent domestic challenges as well. There can no longer be a separation of foreign and domestic policy. The new playbook must be predicated on a world peace security strategy linked to domestic renewal – replacing fixation on geopolitical great power politics with the survivalist imperative of international cooperation.

About the author: 

Mr. Francis Kornegay is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Global Dialogue. He is also a past fellow of the Woodrow Wilson International Center of Scholars. He has a Masters Degrees in African Studies from Howard University and in International Public Policy from the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins.

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