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Matthew Hoh

Matthew Hoh

Former Marine and USG Official, Expert on America's Wars

Matthew has been a Senior Fellow with the Center for International Policy since 2010. In 2009, Matthew resigned in protest from his post in Afghanistan with the State Department over the American escalation of the war. Prior to his assignment in Afghanistan, Matthew took part in the American occupation of Iraq; first in 2004-5 in Salah ad Din Province with a State Department reconstruction and governance team and then in 2006-7 in Anbar Province as a Marine Corps company commander. When not deployed, Matthew worked on Afghanistan and Iraq war policy and operations issues at the Pentagon and State Department from 2002-8.

Matthew’s writings have appeared in online and print periodicals such as the Atlanta Journal ConstitutionCounterPunchCNNDefense News, the Guardian, the Huffington PostMother Jones, the Raleigh News & ObserverUSA Today, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. He has been a guest on hundreds of news programs on radio and television networks including the BBC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, Fox, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, and Pacifica. The Council on Foreign Relations has cited Matthew’s resignation letter from his post in Afghanistan as an Essential Document.

In 2010, Matthew was named the Ridenhour Prize Recipient for Truth Telling and, in 2021, he was awarded as a Defender of Liberty by the Committee for the Republic. Matthew is a member of the Board of Directors for the Institute for Public Accuracy, an Advisory Board Member for the Committee to Defend Julian Assange and Civil Liberties, Expose Facts, North Carolina Committee to Investigate Torture, The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice, Veterans For Peace, and World Beyond War, and he is an Associate Member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS). He is a 100% disabled veteran and was certified by North Carolina as a Peer Support Specialist for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder. View Matt's website at:



June 3, 2021

Peace-washing: Is a network of major donors neutralizing activism in the peace movement?

CIP senior fellow Matthew Hoh quoted

Matt Hoh is a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy. Until his resignation five years ago, he was a board member of Council for a Livable World, one of the larger national security/arms control organizations in the PSFG. Hoh says that while he has no inside information about the funding policies of the funding consortium or its members, "The assumption that the big peace and national security funding groups are taming the peace movement is a correct one."

April 14, 2021

Afghanistan: Biden Vows to End Nation’s Longest War by 9/11 After Decades of Bloodshed & Destruction

Matthew Hoh interviewed

"We also speak with Matthew Hoh, senior fellow with the Center for International Policy, who in 2009 resigned from the State Department in protest of the escalation of the War in Afghanistan. 'This is a step that is necessary for the peace process to go forward, and that’s what the Afghan people desperately need,' he says. 'It has been well over 40 years of fighting. Millions of Afghans have been killed or wounded. The devastation on the Afghan people is hard to imagine.'”

April 16, 2021

Democracy Now! — Will Biden end the U.S. 'forever war' in Afghanistan?

Matthew Hoh quoted

“'It doesn’t include the thousands who are part of U.S. special operation and NATO special operation teams, CIA teams, as well as the dozens of squadrons of attack aircraft and bombers, whether they be manned or drone, that are in the area,' Matthew Hoh said on Democracy Now! 'The potential for the United States to remain involved militarily is quite high, even if all 3,500 acknowledged U.S. troops are withdrawn, as well as the NATO troops.'"

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