Hadeel Abu Ktaish

Hadeel Abu Ktaish

Junior Research Fellow

Hadeel Abu Ktaish is a Junior Fellow at the Center for International Policy. Her areas of focus are arms control, the impact of arms transfers and nuclear weapons on the Middle East, and their analysis in the regional geopolitical context and relation to non-state actors. Hadeel works on tracking legislation on related issues of defense and security on CIP’s legislative tracker.  Her in-progress publication details the ongoing process of a Weapons of Mass Destruction-Free-Zone in the Middle East and delves into the underlying dynamics that have shaped the decades-long negotiation process. Her lived experience and in-depth understanding of the Middle East, its cultures, and internal dynamics enable her thorough analysis of regional dynamics.

Previously, Hadeel was an arms policy research intern at the Arms Control Association with the Forum on the Arms Trade, where she helped initiate a resource page tracking arms transfers to Ukraine. She tracked Foreign Military Sales (FMS) notifications, controversial arms sales under the Biden administration, and Congressional arms trade measures to assess transparency and responsibility in defense authorizations. Hadeel was also a legal research intern at the Lawyer’s Committee on Nuclear Policy, where she researched Outer Space Law related to nuclear weapons and US-China relations and spent considerable time researching historical and current efforts toward establishing a WMD-Free-Zone in the Middle East.

In addition to her ongoing publication, Hadeel has published news briefs in Arms Control Today and has written academic research papers about Hezbollah’s arms acquisition and the failure of the non-proliferation regime, the legal stratification of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), and Israel, and the effect of great power involvement on the Middle East in the 20th century.

Hadeel is a recent graduate from Boston University, where she earned a BA in International Relations with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa, as well as a minor in African American studies. She is fluent in verbal and written Arabic and has translated works from Arabic to English.