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Legislative Tracker

A free public database tracking legislation in the 118th Congress pertaining to U.S. arms sales and other foreign policy issues 

The United States is the world's largest weapons exporter; it alone makes up nearly 40% of the global arms market. Too frequently, U.S.-made weapons are being sold or given to governments who use them to abuse and oppress their own citizens and stifle democratic movements. Transparency about who receives U.S. weapons, their impact, and the efficacy of oversight mechanisms in place to reduce civilian harm is severely lacking.

To help enhance accountability in the arms trade, CIP’s Legislative Tracker program identifies and tracks le
gislation introduced in the 118th Congress that pertains to U.S. security assistance, defense cooperation, and arms sales. Additional trackers on separate foreign policy issues are also listed below. These lists are updated weekly, and all information is publicly available and searchable on the federal Library of Congress website,

For more information on efforts to increase oversight and transparency of the U.S. arms trade, please visit our coalition partner, the Arms Sales Accountability Project

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Defense Policy Oversight

The following bills address gaps in transparency and structural imbalances between Congress and the executive branch to improve accountability and public oversight over U.S. defense policy.

U.S. Arms Sales and Security Assistance

Bill List

Special Issue Tracker

Illicit Fentanyl Trade 

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Special Issue Tracker

Authorization for Use of Military Force

Please note: these lists are not comprehensive. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the Library of Congress at This tracker is for educational purposes only and does not signify the Forum or Center for International Policy's endorsement. We hope this tracker is useful to your research, educational, or advocacy efforts. Feel free to contact with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.  


The U.S. Security Assistance and Arms Sales tracker was initially created in collaboration with the Forum on the Arms Trade, a network of civil society experts and a point of contact for strengthening public efforts to address the humanitarian, economic and other implications of arms transfers, security assistance, and weapons use. To learn more about the Forum's resources and experts, please visit their website.

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