Director of Studies

Position Status:  Full-time

Location:  Remote or CIP Headquarters - Washington, DC  

Start Date:  April 15, 2021

Compensation:  100,000 - $110,000


The Center for International Policy is seeking a full-time Director to Studies to develop and lead a new international non-resident Senior Fellows Program.  This position reports to the President and leads the organization’s efforts to engage leading scholars, journalists, and think tanks in each region of the world in a project to assess the consequences of current U.S. foreign policies toward their respective regions and to recommend alternative policies grounded in international cooperation. The director would also have oversight responsibilities for CIP’s four core programs (Arms & Security, Security Assistance Monitor, Foreign Influence Transparency Initiative, and the Africa Program).


About the Organization

CIP was founded in 1975, in the wake of the Vietnam War, by former diplomats and peace activists who sought to reorient U.S. foreign policy to advance international cooperation as the primary vehicle for solving global challenges and promoting human rights.


CIP has developed into a leading progressive and independent nonprofit center for research, public education and advocacy on U.S. foreign policy. The Center promotes diverse voices, that are frequently and systemically marginalized, to critique key foreign policy decisions and promote alternatives. CIP believes that the United States must redefine the concept of national security in the 21st century and center it upon the attainment of Human Security globally.


About the Program

U.S. foreign policy discourse and formulation suffers from the lack of inclusion of foreign knowledge and perspectives of experts from the world’s regions. CIP’s Senior Fellows Program aims to insert such knowledge into foreign policy debates in Washington by engaging accomplished scholars from around the world in the study of US foreign policy towards their respective regions and the production of analytical outputs aimed at informing the thinking of U.S. policymakers, the media and the broader public.

CIP is launching a new international non-resident Senior Fellows program that aims to promote the work of select analysts from around the world who specialize in U.S. foreign policy toward their home regions. The program will recruit Senior Fellows from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America whose work CIP will promote to strategic policy audiences and media in the U.S. The Senior Fellows will be able to collaborate amongst themselves and with other CIP staff, and others, to promote U.S. policy alternatives for solving international problems in their respective regions.


The long-term objectives of the program include:

1. Increase U.S. policymakers’ exposure to knowledge generated by foreign experts opposed to the interventionist American policies that rely on the projection of military force and instead support the greater use of diplomacy, development resources and international cooperation to promote peace, justice and sustainability.


2. Increase U.S. media engagement with foreign experts and the integration of their perspectives in reporting on U.S. foreign policy thereby strengthening the educational value of reporting on international affairs, improve the credibility of such reporting in the eyes of an increasingly diverse American public, and build public support for increased U.S. participation in international collaboration to address global challenges through non-violent means.


3. Provide a deeper and better contextualized understanding of other countries, regions and peoples, to increase support for more appropriate and efficacious U.S. foreign policies and more informed approaches to immigration policies.


The woeful lack of diversity in U.S. foreign affairs and the unrepresentative and undemocratic nature of U.S. foreign policy making are principal determinants of a national security paradigm that rests upon systemic white supremacy and militarism. The re-framing of debates on national security and the inclusion of foreign knowledge and perspectives can be extremely helpful to shaping alternative ways of defining U.S. interests that resonate with emergent new American majorities. The rapidly changing demographics in the U.S. and the increased connectivity of the U.S. population to the people of the rest of the world will create new opportunities for changing U.S. foreign policy and for America’s conceptualization of national security.


About the Position

Director of Studies

The Director of Studies will lead the development of this exciting new program to support and promote research and debate on U.S. foreign policy by recruiting, supporting and collaborating with scholars, thought leaders and journalists from outside of the United States. The Director of Studies will guide the development of individual and collaborative workplans of the Senior Fellows and design and implement strategies to ensure their work receives attention from policymakers and the media in the U.S.

The Director of Studies will shape the intellectual agenda of the program in a participatory manner. S/he will also collaborate with other CIP personnel to cultivate and manage relationships to benefit the program’s participants, and will help manage the program’s fundraising efforts. This position reports to the President and CEO. 

Key Duties
Strategic Vision and Management
  • Develop and execute plans to identify and recruit talented professionals from around the world with expertise in U.S. foreign policy toward their part of the world who are interested in Senior Fellow appointments with CIP

  • Define the program’s agenda, scope of work, goals, activities, and deliverables in alignment with CIP’s strategic plan and in compliance with the grant award that supports the program (generously provided by the Carnegie Corporation of New York)

  • Support and provide guidance to Senior Fellows to ensure their ability to produce timely outputs (articles, interviews, etc.) and facilitate collaboration between the Senior Fellows and others

  • Oversee the quality of outputs from the program to be published by CIP or submitted for publication to other think tanks or publications

  • Manage the program’s production of outputs and engagements with policymakers and media

  • Provide guidance and introductions for Senior Fellows to connect them with key policy actors and media in their fields of interest

  • Oversee financial planning and the program’s budget

  • Provide oversight to CIP’s four core programs

Research Agendas and Publications
  • Guide the development of research and writing agendas of each Senior Fellow

  • Monitor developments in U.S. foreign policy to identify opportunities for Senior Fellows’ work to receive attention

  • Oversee the program’s publication schedule and the pitching of articles and commentaries to other platforms

  • Guide the development of other outputs, including fact sheets, issue briefs, info-graphics and occasional reports, produced in collaboration with CIP staff

  • Provide editing support and editorial guidance on Senior Fellow outputs

  • Coordinate Senior Fellow outputs with the advocacy efforts of CIP partner organizations


Outreach and Communication
  • Develop relationships and partnerships key to achieving the Program’s goals (including with Congressional Staff, journalists, other think tanks, and experts)

  • Serve as a resource and interlocutor for journalists, academics, analysts, and policy makers working on U.S. foreign policy matters in which Senior Fellows are engaged

  • Develop and organize briefings and roundtables to elevate the profile of Senior Fellows and promote their analysis of U.S. foreign policies


  • Develop and implement fundraising efforts with institutional donors

  • Oversee grant applications and reporting on the program

Experience, Skills, and Education

Knowledge and Experience
  • Requires at least 10 years of professional experience in U.S. foreign policy research, writing, teaching, and practice

  • Broad knowledge of U.S. international relations

  • Familiarity with communities of practice (academics, researchers, activists, policymakers, journalists, etc.) in multiple world regions

  • Demonstrated experience in leading and collaborating with colleagues to achieve strategic goals and in project management

  • Proven track record in developing and producing written outputs aimed at impacting U.S. policy

  • Experience in using data analysis techniques to identify trends

  • Experience living and working in one or more regions outside of North America

Skills and Education
  • Master’s degree or higher in a relevant field

  • Ability to identify and prioritize, research, analyze and effectively communicate about issues in U.S. foreign policy around the world

  • Strong initiative and follow-through and the capacity to think creatively and strategically

  • Strong ability to influence, motivate, and collaborate with others

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English are required

  • Ability to speak Arabic, French, Spanish or other language is desirable


How to Apply: 

All applicants for this position must submit a cover letter, resume and writing sample.  Please attach your cover letter, resume and writing sample as one document when you apply and send it to Sonya Carter, Director of Finance and Operations, at, with “Director of Studies” in the subject line. 

The Center for International Policy is an equal opportunity employer.  All qualified candidates will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.  Women, people of color, persons with disabilities and LGBTQ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Development Associate

Position Status:  Full-time

Location:  Remote or CIP Headquarters - Washington, DC  

Start Date:  May 3, 2021

Compensation:  $45,000-$50,000

About the Position

Development Associate

The Development Associate works closely with the President, Director of Operations and Finance, Program Directors and other staff and interns in leading and advancing the fundraising strategy for the Center for International Policy. This includes building and maintaining a coherent and coordinated fundraising infrastructure, including durable systems for managing donor relations at all levels from small donors to foundations.


The Center is willing to invest in the professional development of its Development Associate to ensure success in this role.   


The Development Associate reports directly to the President.​


  • Work closely with the President to assess and adjust the annual fundraising strategy, including creation of new materials in support of communications with prospective and current donors and strengthen fundraising processes. 

  • Oversee implementation of all fundraising activities and outreach mailings and online appeals.

  • Draft fundraising and donation acknowledgement communications, and assist with drafting and editing funding proposals

  • Coordinate the preparation of all program and general support proposals, including preparation of required organizational information, and ensure the timely submission of materials to donors and donor portals

  • Maintain the CIP Bloomerang CRM Database

  • Supervise interns as they track and analyze all contributions to CIP in donor database, generate reports, receipts and any other data as needed and engage in research to identify individual donor prospects. 

  • Maintain all foundation and major donor files.

  • Identify and research new sources of foundation funding

  • Coordinate with program directors to track foundation communications, reporting and proposal submission deadlines.

  • Coordinate with the President to plan and carry out an annual schedule of major donor visits.

  • Organize, implement and oversee major donor fundraising events.

  • Maintain board and committee meeting files, and serve as the staff liaison for the Board External Affairs Committee.


  • Presentations

  • Writing

  • Research

  • Collaborating and coordinating with others

  • Delegating

  • Database management


  • Initiative

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Organization

Salary and Benefits

Salary is $45,000-$50,000. Excellent benefits including generous vacation, 403(b) plan upon hire, fully paid life insurance, fully paid long-term disability, and fully paid individual health care.

How to Apply: 

All applicants for this position must submit a cover letter, resume and writing sample.  Please attach your cover letter, resume and writing sample as one document when you apply and send it to Sonya Carter, Director of Finance and Operations, at, with “Development Associate” in the subject line. 

The Center for International Policy is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes diversity.  All qualified candidates will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, national origins or sexual orientation.  Women, people of color, persons with disabilities and LGBT candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.