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The Iran Podcast

Hosted by Negar Mortazavi

CIP proudly welcomes The Iran Podcast, hosted by Negar Mortazavi, to our family. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts for nuanced discussions on Iranian and Middle Eastern politics and culture, and help us break away from exclusionary policy circles.

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"It's an honor to join CIP and bring this successful podcast under the sponsorship of a great organization. I really look forward to collaborating with the diverse team of experts at CIP to continue providing thoughtful and nuanced analysis to our audience." 

-  Negar Mortazavi, Award-Winning Journalist and Host of The Iran Podcast


We are thrilled to announce that The Iran Podcast, hosted by award-winning Iranian-American journalist Negar Mortazavi, has joined the Center for International Policy (CIP) as one of our programs. The Iran Podcast provides essential conversations on Iranian politics, society, and culture, as well as US foreign policy towards the country, fostering a deeper and more nuanced understanding of Iran and the region at large. The Iran Podcast has been featured by Foreign Policy magazine as one of their podcast picks worldwide. Special thanks to the Rockefeller Brothers Fund for their continued confidence in CIP’s new direction. Without it, this new partnership would not be possible. 

We are excited to welcome The Iran Podcast to CIP, which offers invaluable perspectives from diverse backgrounds, promoting a better understanding of U.S. foreign policy on the Iranian people and peace in the Middle East. Supporting the work of courageous and professional women like Negar Mortazavi exemplifies our commitment to breaking away from exclusionary policy circles and fostering diversity and inclusion in foreign policy discourse.” -Nancy Okail, CIP President and CEO. 

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