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This word cloud was created from the titles of 105 bills we are tracking related to US Security Assistance and Arms Control.

Each year, thousands of bills are introduced and debated in Congress on a wide variety of issues. The vast majority of bills do not pass out of the committee review process, and less than 10% are enacted into law. Data shows that certain factors, such as if the bill is bipartisan, if it made it out of committee in a previous Congress, or the sponsor or cosponsor is a relevant committee chair, will increase the potential that the bill is passed and signed into law. Essentially, the more sustained, bipartisan advocacy that is done on a bill, the more likely it is to pass and become law. 


Legislation is hard to search for and keep track of. Currently, there is no central location where defense and foreign policy-related legislation is captured and warehoused in a comprehensive, accessible format. Powerful industry lobbyists and consultants often have inside access to congress, and are able to pay thousands of dollars a year for services that curate information about pending legislation, which gives them an advantage in their ability to access and influence politicians. For the average person, grass-roots advocates, and journalists working on shoestring budgets, lack of accessible information about what Congress is doing is a roadblock to political participation and advocacy for or against legislation they care about.

CIP’s Legislative Tracker identifies legislation with a meaningful bearing on US foreign affairs and the most urgent threats facing our planet: militarization, corruption, weaponization of  technology, and climate change. Users are able to find a broad array of bills that impact foreign policy and also sort legislation based on issue categories or geographical region.


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 Information on the legislative process, how a bill becomes a law here.


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