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US Open: Reject Dictator Dollars!


The US Open tennis championship must reject the sponsorship dollars of the brutal United Arab Emirates monarchy. Say no to UAE's #DictatorDollars.

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Don’t let the Saudis use coronavirus concerns to hide their crimes

by Sunjeev Bery and Ben Freeman


Freedom Forward and Foreign Influence Transparency Initiative

Saudi Arabia has just offered to host a “Virtual” G20 summit, bringing the world’s leaders together to address the coronavirus pandemic. While the world absolutely needs much better international coordination in response to this catastrophic pandemic, Saudi Arabia’s ruling family is one of the last governments we should want convening a conversation on solving any humanitarian crisis, let alone a crisis of this magnitude.

What Democrats Traded for Impeachment

by Sunjeev Bery


Freedom Forward

Democratic leaders have made a terrible trade. In return for clean headlines on impeachment, congressional Democrats gave Donald Trump his full wish list for war.

US-Saudi downplay Florida terror shooting as ties scrutinised

Sunjeev Bery quoted


Freedom Forward

Sunjeev Bery, director of the anti-autocrat campaign group Freedom Forward, said that despite the headlines from Pensacola, lawmakers from both parties were pushing ahead with a defence spending bill that permitted ongoing arms sales for Saudi to use in Yemen.

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