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WHAT: Please join the Center for International Policy and the Richardson Institute at Lancaster University for a panel discussion on “The Saudi-Iranian Contest— Rethinking US Policy” at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP). 

WHEN: Wednesday October 30 at 2:00 p.m. 

WHERE: Simon Conference Room (B 241), United States Institute of Peace (USIP), 2301 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC 


     • Mehdi Hasan: Al Jazeera English host, columnist for The Intercept &          host 

      of the podcast Deconstructed 

      • Simon Mabon: Director of the Richardson Institute at Lancaster 

      University & author of Saudi Arabia and Iran: Power and Rivalry in the         Middle East 

      • Barbara Slavin: Director of the Future of Iran Initiative at the Atlantic 

       Council & author of Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies: Iran, the US and             the Twisted Path to Confrontation 

      • William Hartung: Director of the Arms and Security Project at the              Center for International Policy & author of Prophets of  War:                          Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex 

Official Secrets 12.10.2019 image.jpg
Mel Goodman's talk
 sponsored by FLVCS

WHO: Mel Goodman, who is a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy in Washington D.C. and an adjunct professor of International relations at Johns Hopkins University. He served as a senior analyst and division chief at the CIA from 1966 to 1990. An expert on U.S. relations with Russia, his work has appeared in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Harper's and many others. Mel has written nine books on U.S. intelligence and international security. His most recent book is American Carnage: The Wars of Donald Trump.

WHERE: Sarasota

WHEN: November 1, 2019

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