Founder, International Preferred Enterprises

Donald Soldini is the founder of International Preferred Enterprises, Inc., a real estate marketing corporation with representation in 21 countries and offices in the United States.  He also develops property in diverse areas such as Central America and the Philippines.  Mr. Soldini previously headed up the International Marketing division for one of Florida’s largest developers from 1966-1971 and was the CARE coordinator for Mexico from 1964-1966, where he administered a $75 million child feeding program with the Alliance for Progress.

Mr. Soldini’s involvement in Latin America began in his late teens when he joined the 26th of July Movement in 1957 to liberate Cuba from the Batista dictatorship, one of very few Americans to do so.  He served in many roles, ranging from propagandist to guerilla fighter and eventually rose to the rank of First Lieutenant in the rebel army.  After the triumph of the Revolution he was incarcerated for his outspoken views about the direction of the Revolution.   Following a short imprisonment, Mr. Soldini reconciled with Fidel Castro and left Cuba to attend college and begin his future.  Mr. Soldini earned his B.A. in economics from the University of Americas in Mexico City.  Mr. Soldini has served for a number of years on the Board of Trustees for the aforementioned University.

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