The Arms and Security Program engages in media outreach and public education aimed at promoting reforms in U.S. policies on nuclear weapons, military spending and the arms trade. It seeks to advance the notion that diplomacy and international cooperation are the most effective tools for protecting the United States

Recent Publications

Fact Sheet: Special Interests or the National Interest?

by William Hartung


The size and composition of the U.S. nuclear arsenal should be determined by what is needed to deter potential adversaries from attacking the United States or its allies. But too often other factors come into play, most notably the vested interests of the lobby for Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs).

Report: The Trump Effect: Trends in Major U.S. Arms Sales 2019

by Elias Yousif, William Hartung, and Christina Arabia


This report finds that the Trump administration made at least $85.1 billion arms sales offers in 2019, the highest level since it took office in 2017. Because of a lack of full transparency on the value of Direct Commercial Sales licensed by the State Department, the $85.1 billion figure is a conservative estimate. Over the first three years of the Trump administration, the U.S. made arms offers worth over $240 billion – nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars. The report presents recommendations based on these findings.

U.S. Security Assistance to Egypt: Examining the Return on Investment

by William Hartung and POMED's Seth Binder


Coauthors Seth Binder of POMED and William D. Hartung of CIP call for a revamp of U.S. security assistance to Egypt—including a reduction in U.S. military aid.

Latest News

The South China Sea: Who Is The Real Threat To Peace And Stability? – Analysis

William Hartung cited


Arms and Security Program

One sure way that China will become a ‘threat’ to the U.S. in the South China Sea is if the U.S. continues to press it there militarily. The US Senate Armed services Committee’s proposed multi-billion dollar Pacific Deterrence Initiative to counter China’s rise with deployment of intermediate range missiles and development of “expeditionary airfield and port infrastructure” in East Asia is particularly threatening.

Webinar: America’s endless wars come home: the militarization of the police

William Hartung participated


Arms and Security Program

The use of military equipment against Americans protesting police brutality demonstrates the link between militarization abroad and at home. The War on Drugs, the War on Terror, the bloated Pentagon budget, pork barrel politics of Members of Congress, have all led to systematic militarized violence against Americans. If police see themselves as soldiers, and the neighborhoods they patrol as battle space, then ordinary American citizens are the enemy.

Congress Could Rubber-Stamp a Defense Spending Spree

Co-authored by William Hartung


Arms and Security Program

The annual US defense budget has never been crafted through a particularly transparent process. Now, a global pandemic has taken the yearly passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) from merely murky to downright opaque.

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