For 35 years CIP’s Latin America program team has provided news and analysis, and has become a leading source of information for policymakers, scholars, activists, and citizens concerned about US foreign policy in Latin America, human rights and movements for social justice within the hemisphere.

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Report: U.S.-Mexico Asylum Policies

The denial of rights and the externalization of borders

by Laura Carlsen


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La Segunda Revolución Verde

Colombia has a major opportunity to grow economically without sacrificing its extraordinary forests, wetlands, and savannah. ..

by Laura Carlsen


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Hondurans Are Fighting for a Future Against the US-Supported Dictatorship


A new broad-based coalition including unions, professionals, students, feminists, farmers, and opposition parties is forging a sustained campaign of resistance.

by Laura Carlsen

Americas Program

Laura Carlsen discusses the tensions at the US-Mexico border


For more on the tensions and the unraveling situation on the U.S. – Mexico border, CGTN’s Roee Ruttenberg spoke with Laura Carlsen from the Center of International Policy...

Laura Carlsen interviewed

Americas Program

Weekly Roundtable on Sojourner Truth


Mexico, it seems, bowed to pressure from the U.S. and has stepped up repression of migrants...

Laura Carlsen interviewed

Americas Program

Meet The Experts

Laura Carlsen


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